We have developed a three stage process via our extensive and unique understanding of recruiting within the mortgage banking industry.  Our process ensures we distill the most relevant talent who exhibit the highest level of qualifications while representing the best cultural fit for your organization.

Stage I


Search Assessment
Thirty-minute phone session to assess compatibility of your needs with our search services

Client Job Order Session
Two-hour job order information intake session that utilizes our search navigator

Selection Design
Proper screening and interview tools created for selection accuracy based on the job order session

Sourcing Plan
List planning that starts with market share data and utilizes our history of contacts and interviews with mortgage banking leaders

Capture Strategy
Applying proven procedures that direct clients how best to capture talent throughout the interview process

Stage II


Introductory recruiting phone call assessing talent, motivation, and fit of candidates on our plan list

Crossings Group Interviews
DEEP dive interviews that become completed submittals underwritten by performance stories

Interview Prep and Debriefs
Helping candidates and clients prepare for and discuss outcomes of interviews

Client Interviews
Hiring managers interview our submittals supported by interview techniques and question flow suggestions

Pre-offer Support
Verbal conversations about income happen with both candidate and client during all three stages but become focused here

Stage III


360 Degree References
Holistic reference approach conducted over the phone, as well as through online services like

Offer Facilitation
We will help “middle” a deal between you and our best candidate through collaborative negotiation techniques

Resignation Support
Insights and role-playing to guide candidates through successful resignations

Candidate Onboarding
Help advise and prepare both parties for onboarding

30/90 Day Review
Check in with both our hiring managers and our candidates at 30 and 90 days

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